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“Everyone has the right to be valued. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions. Everyone has the right to know more about your options with money.”

Because everyone has the right to good advice , regardless of their income and assets.

True to this motto, CATUS AG is the partner for your assets and your long-term wealth accumulation – without high entry requirements. At CATUS AG, we believe that sustainable, effective and constant wealth accumulation should be possible for everyone – and is possible for everyone. Therefore, we are always pleased to receive your inquiry and are available for an initial consultation at any time.

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Return or security?
Return on investment and security.

Ernst Rudolf, Member of the Executive Board of CATUS AG

Anyone who wants to invest money is usually faced with the problem of having to make a decision:

  • As a rule, equities and equity funds promise particularly high returns, even in the double-digit range over the long term.
  • Other forms of investment are less exposed to price fluctuations and therefore appear to be particularly safe.

However, there is also the possibility of taking advantage of the return opportunities offered by the capital markets and still keeping the risk low.

CATUS AG tells you how to do it!

You can find out why asset management is the ideal way to invest money for CATUS CEO Ernst Rudolf in his article More time and more satisfaction (PDF).

CATUS AG is a member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuV) and thus bound by its code of honour.

A film by the VuV answers the question What is actually an independent asset manager? (Video).

Am I doing everything right these days?

What can I do to be able to retire in x years? Learn more about your options

Free initial consultation

Experience the advantages, possibilities and relaxing plus points of a sustainable, consistent and effective wealth accumulation strategy in our free initial consultation. We will be happy to advise you on all the options for securing and building up your assets at retirement age, regardless of your entry age, initial investment or financial circumstances.

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The green road

As a financial decision-maker*, it is in your hands in whom you invest your money and which projects you support with it. We offer the opportunity to invest in sustainable investments.

Via Verde – The green way

Sustainability has long since ceased to be a fashionable term. In times of highest traffic volumes, constant availability of goods on all continents and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable projects are more important than ever. With CATUS, you have the option of investing either part or all of your portfolio value in sustainable investments. The CATUS AG principle also applies here: We would like to get to know you. Because only in this way can we find out together what is the best decision for you. This is how we ensure your long-term success.

Our services

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More return with security – through the individual investment system of CATUS AG

CATUS AG ensures that you benefit personally from the opportunities offered by the financial markets. With a tailor-made investment system that is geared to your individual wishes and specifications!

Security through law

Security through legal regulations

  • CATUS AG is a licensed financial portfolio manager according to § 15 WpIG (KWG – Licence No.: V II 2 (117854)).
  • The customers’ money is deposited with a bank that is a member of the Bank Guarantee Fund. There the account is in the name of the customer.
  • This means that payouts can only be made to the client’s account (liability of the custodian bank).

Security through contract

Security through contractual agreement

  • Compliance with the investment guidelines specified by the client is regularly checked by CATUS AG.
  • Catus AG is liable for compliance with the client’s risk specifications.

Careful market analysis

Active portfolio management requires two things above all: comprehensive information on the development of the markets and a careful analysis of past and expected developments. CATUS AG therefore invests a great deal of energy and strength in this fundamental work.
Because only those who are well informed can make good decisions!

Individual investment system

An investment system tailored to the individual needs of the client guarantees tailor-made asset management. High-volatility but also high-yield assets can be combined with safe investments in such a way that return and risk are in the ratio you desire. You can choose between four risk levels.

Portfolio analysis

You have the option of having your existing portfolio analysed by us according to investment-relevant criteria. This brings transparency to your portfolio – the basis for optimised investment assets.

Control possibility at any time

Your securities accounts are always held with reputable banks in your name and managed by us. You have the security of being in control of your assets at all times and a daily overview of their status.

Advantage flexibility

Thanks to our good relationships with renowned banks and our flat corporate hierarchy, we can easily and quickly take into account even short-term price developments that come to our attention immediately as a result of our continuous market monitoring.

Advantage remuneration

CATUS AG charges a portfolio-dependent management fee. If an agreed return is achieved, CATUS AG also receives a percentage share in the success of the portfolio development. We pass on discounts from banks and capital management companies to you, which leads to considerable cost reductions.

Seminars and lectures

we offer on request on the following topics:

  • How do I find the investment that suits me?
  • Private financial planning
  • Investment 50 plus
  • Security in investment
  • Sustainable investments

Of course we are not alone either

here you see a selection of our partners, who accompany us in financial decisions

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